Ireland neutral from the centre to the sea

by Tommy McKearney

Speaking in Limerick†recently, MicheŠl Martin said Ireland (i.e. the 26 County part) will have to reflect on its long-standing policy of military non-alignment in future European conflicts.† He continued saying Ireland has ‘already evolved’ its neutrality policy within the European Union ‘by participating in Pesco’ the European defence agency.

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This is deeply disturbing not to mention entirely misguided and wrong. Irish neutrality is not cosmetic piety. It is not a charming photograph on a tourist brochure to be changed at will.†Neutrality†is, on the contrary, an absolutely practical necessity for a small country such as ours.

Ireland, in terms of global military power, is a minnow. With a tiny population and a small economy relatively speaking, it is nonsense, dangerous nonsense to believe we would make a significant impact on any global conflict. On the other hand, by embedding ourselves on one side or the other, Ireland would make its infrastructure and by extension our people, a target. A belligerent intent on degrading our infrastructure would strike Shannon airport, the Curragh and high-tech centres in Dublin. The resulting, widespread destruction would be unimaginable.

John Redmond’s call in 1914 to aid the British empire led to almost 50,000 Irish fatalities

Alternatively, a genuinely neutral Ireland would have significant moral authority in terms of promoting peace. As such it would play a meaningful part in helping find a resolution to conflict.

It is imperative that our neutrality is not compromised still further and that any attempt to abandon it must be resisted. MicheŠl Martin and fellow travellers such as Charlie Flanagan† and the mainstream media must be made to hear that message loud and clear.

Ireland neutral, from the centre to the sea

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